Zero Fuel costs at work

Drive4Zero is encouraging and enabling work places to install company charge points, enabling employees to avail of Zero Fuel costs through free charging (based on site applicability survey and company commitment to the campaign). Companies already involved are listed on our partners page and we expect this number to grow rapidly in the coming months.

If your company wants to get involved, please have a representative Contact us here

Zero Fuel costs at public charge points

There are 1,500 public charge points available nationwide in locations such as on-street, shopping centres, car parks etc. Every town with 1,500 inhabitants or more will get a charge point installed in that area. These public charge point are currently provided free keeping in-line with our with Zero Feul cost initiative.

Fast charge points are located along main inter-urban routes at service stations and roadside cafés to cater for those on longer journeys. You can view the installed and planned charge points nationwide on the electric car charge point map.

Zero Fuel costs at Zero Parking sites

Q-Park , as a key stakeholder and supporter of Drive4Zero, are Kindly offering Zero parking and Zero Fuel costs for electric cars in 4 their Cork City car parks. For details of this free parking initiative see our FAQs

The Council has approved the provision of dedicated space and an increased number of public charge points at the Park and Ride as well as the free use of the facility in 2015 for 50 new plug in electric vehicles on a first come basis at the Park n’Ride in Black Ash.

Zero Cost home Charge point

ESB eCars, one of the main supporters of Drive4Zero, are providing free charge points to the first 2,000 purchasers of a newly registered electric car that qualify for the SEAI Grant.

Click Here to find out more and apply to get your free home charge point so that your electric car can be charged from your domestic electricity supply.