What are the advantages of having more electric vehicles in Cork?

  • Environmental advantages
  • Based on the current fuel-mix of electricity generation in Ireland, emissions of climate-change causing pollutants from electric vehicles will on average be less than half of those of a conventional internal combustion engines (70gCO2 electric car versus 150gCO2
  • Electric vehicles have no point-of-use emissions, including zero particulate emissions that impact human health, so they don’t damage air quality.
  • Electric cars are much quieter than other cars, so they contribute to a more attractive city experience for citizens and visitors alike.
  • Economic advantages and security of supply
  • The current road transport energy mix consists, almost entirely, of petrol or diesel. The supply and price of both of these products is dependent on uninterrupted supply from world markets.
  • Electricity in the road transport fuel mix means a widening of the supply base to include other sources of energy, especially our own renewable energy sources.
  • Electric vehicles also offer a potential “grid-balancing” role, where large numbers of vehicles could have their charging managed to reduce energy cost and balance supply and demand on the national grid.