There are numerous advantages associated with electric cars from the major environmental benefits, to the lifestyle and convenience of charging your electric car at work or at home.

There are also a number of perceived risks associated with electric car ownership such as the charging infrastructure, their range and their relative cost.

The Drive4Zero team has sought to overcome these perceived risks by engaging with the key people who can minimse them for you.

Drive4Zero firstly brought together ESB eCars and companies in the Cork area, to publicise and build upon the electric charging infrastructure already in place in the Cork region. Drive4Zero then brought each of the the car companies operating in Ireland together with a view to delivering more cost effective eCars to you the customer. Drive4zero has also negotiated the availability of a large number of eCars to cork drivers for a three month period in order to build engagtement with this new technology to dispel the myths associated with both their range and the infrastructure available to support them. And as a special bonus to the early adopters, Q-Park are offering Drive4Zero customers 20% off parking at Q-Park charge points throughout Cork City at Q-Park Carroll’s Quay, Q-Park St. Finbarr’s, Q-Park City Hall and Q-Park Grand Parade. Drivers must be driving an eCar/PHEV in order to avail of the discounted parking scheme. Discount available on charging point spaces only. Use discount code D4Z20 for 20% off when you prebook your charging stay online. See for more details.

Together we can achieve real change in Ireland, and the pilot in Cork, launched on 23rd October, is just the beginning.