There is a buzz of excitement with the developments happening in the electric car arena. DRIVE4ZERO is helping companies in the Cork area to get connected and offer employees the opportunity to avail of Zero fuel costs while improving the environmental footprint of the company in the Region.

The development of the electric car industry is a result of a combined input from governments and companies. These companies range from large multinational car companies and IT companies to local manufacturing and service organisations whose efforts are vital for the development of electric car mobility in Ireland.

ESB ecars is giving technical advice to local Irish companies to support the development of products for the electric car market.

Charge points are located on host sites, typically in a retail park, service station, or a car park. Service stations, where people can take a break from travelling and recharge their car while having a bite to eat, are ideal hosts for our charging infrastructure. Supermarkets are also ideal hosts as customers can recharge their electric car while they are doing their shopping.