Drive4Zero aims to reward individuals switching to electric cars or Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) with real cost-savings.

Drive4Zero has secured zero parking cost in key sites in Cork, such as all Q Parks, the Park n’Ride at BlackAsh from the campaign launch date until the end of 2015.

Drive4Zero drivers can also avail of zero fuel costs, as employers signing up to the initiative will charge your electric car or PHEV free of charge on their business premises while you work.

The Drive4Zero team have also nogiated zero deposit and zero % finance deals with some of the eCar suppliers meaning you pay less for your new eCar.

And there are many more Drive4Zero incentives to avail of when you switch to an electric car or PHEV. Incentives including a zero rate of VRT, an initial purchase grant of €5,000 from SEAI and reduced road tax. And if you add the ongoing fuel savings electric cars are a real alternative to petrol and diesel cars.  SEAI have also committed to providing energy efficient driver training at all participating companies at no cost to them or their employees!

Driving an electric car costs just 1-2 cent per km compared to 10-12 cent per km for conventional petrol or diesel cars. Also, due to its lack of moving parts, servicing an electric car usually costs substantially less than servicing a conventional petrol or diesel car.

The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) graph below is an accurate reflection of the real cost of owning an electric car compared to a conventional car. It includes the price of the car and recurring fuel, insurance, service and maintenance costs, as well as taxation and NCT costs.

Here is a calculator, which will demonstrate the cost savings of an electric vehicle CLICK HERE

There is also a calculator on the ESB site CLICK HERE

ESB eCars have rolled out an extensive charging network in homes, public areas and service stations, so drivers will never be far from a charge point. In fact, most charging will take place at a conveniently located home charge point. ESB is supplying company charge points for the Drive4Zero electric cars campaign at no cost. Installation costs may apply.

Electric cars are environmentally friendly so ecar drivers can feel confident that they are doing something to help the environment. Electric cars offer a real opportunity to reduce the carbon output of the transport sector, as they emit zero exhaust pipe emissions. The growth in the generation of electricity from renewable sources offers a route towards carbon neutral motoring.