There are some simple steps to take next, to progress your DRIVE4ZERO activity.

  • If your employer is a Drive4Zero partner, organise an inhouse eCar test drive or contact one of our eCar partners to arrange one
  • When you have decided to buy an eCar contact DRIVE4ZERO at to let us know so the Drive4Zero team can ensure you receive your benefits package
  • Apply to ESB for a charge point (commercial or home)
  • Apply to SEAI for a €5000 incentive grant CLICK HERE
  • Order/buy your ecar. As part of this process, the dealer will;
    • Apply to ESB for your home charge point
    • Apply to SEAI for a €5000 incentive grant CLICK HERE
  • Drive and charge, knowing that you are saving money and helping the environment

Buying an electric car is just like buying a normal car. Dealerships around the country have electric cars for sale like any other petrol or diesel car. An increasing variety of electric cars are on the market which will deliver high levels of performance, comfort and economy.

To cater for everyone’s taste, there is something to suit everybody, ranging from a compact city car, to a mid sized family hatchback or a family saloon to a fast sports car. Click below to see the DRIVE4Zero partner eCar options :





If you decide to buy an eCar, while at the dealership, the dealer will take your details to check your eligibility for the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) grant. The purchaser will only have to pay the net cost of the car (i.e. sale price minus SEAI grant). Purchasers of new 100% electric cars will receive a grant of up to €5,000, while purchasers of plug-in hybrid electric cars will receive up to €2,500. For more details on the electric car grant scheme offered by SEAI, CLICK HERE

Once you are approved for the SEAI grant and your charge point application is successful, you can then finalise the order of your electric car with your dealer.

When you have purchased your eCar, an electrical contractor will contact you to organise the installation of the home charge point which is free for the first 2,000 new electric cars registered which qualify for the SEAI Grant.

At this stage you will be the proud owner of your new electric car! You will be able to charge your car at your home charge point and the public charge points around the country.

There are a number of ways to pay for charging your electric car. The cost of charging at home will simply be added to your regular domestic bill. If you opt to install a night time meter, you can avail of cheaper night rate electricity – please contact your energy supplier for details. You will need an access card in order to use any of the public charging infrastructure.

Electricity at public and fast charge points will be at no cost to the user until the payment processing system is implemented and you will be notified of this in advance. In the future a pre-paid system will be in operation. You will log into your account at, choose your preferred energy supplier and tariff and pre-pay with your debit or credit card. You will then be able to check your balance and top up at any time online.

Companies participating in the Drive4Zero campaign have agreed to charge your new eCar for free while you work.

Fast charge points are available throughout the country and can be located on the electric car charge point map. CLICK HERE